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Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*
Gloria 2*

Gloria 2*

Prices from: 18.00 €/p.p. in group

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Gloria 2*

Location: 300m far from beach

In hotel: restaurant, Wi-Fi

In rooms: air-conditioner, TV, fridge

Accommodation: double rooms, triple rooms, apartments - regular beds

Meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner - menu

Hotel Location

Hotel Facilities

Facilities offered by Gloria 2*, Nessebar

Prices for group accomodation

Prices by periods for group accomodation in Gloria 2*, Nessebar
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Conditions and restrictions

Other conditions and restrictions when booking at Gloria 2*, Nessebar

Price include: in euro; per room/studio/apartment; per day;  FВ; Wi-Fi; 

Group Booking

Gloria 2*, Nessebar

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